Self-propelled chipper 2015.6.15


Don’t you want scrap woods to turn into useful chips for paper materials or fuel?

Self-propelled chipper YS-CKC-600 type is a good size to use easily and it is equipped with crawler.

This size has some advantages.

Large self-propelled chipper machines can chip big lumber,but not easy to move in a small place and expensive.

Self-propelled chippers YS-CKC-600 typeis a bout 2-tons and possible to carry in a lumber yard. Crawler moving is possible also.For this reason,is very easy to chip of waste materials from factory or lumber yard .
And it cost s so small.

With high speed chip!


Self-propelled chippers YS-CKC-600 typecan chip processing at high speeds.
Therefore, it will save time and labor.
It can be raw material and less work .
Please check actual speed by the video below!

IMGP2705 DSCN87011

Rental is also considering if you want.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact!

Model Mechanical dimensions Feed inlet Chipper power Crawler motor
Length Width Height
CKC-600  2700mm  1200mm  1600mm  130×170(mm)  34hp  8hp