Chaff crush
Rubber crush

To the busy harvesting rice farmers in trouble about chaff processing.

You have something to do a lot,rice reaping,dryness,husking selection,rice into bags,and so on...
I think there may be also to farmers working from early morning to late evening. Since it's such busy time,
the chaff which has been husked and has been collecting one after another.
During being busy, trouble and the cost are hung inevitably, and aren't you disposing of the chaff which became a chaff storage fully?
Don't you make round trips the rice paddy and a chaff storage to throw away chaff?
To the rice farmer who suffers from processing of such chaff.

It tries to cut down expense of transportation or time for disposing chaff below the half.
I'd like to propose a chaff crush in order to reduce busyness of the harvest even a little.

Why is the cost or trouble reduced when we crush the chaff?

  1. At first,the best merit to crash the chaff is that to be able to reduce space of chaff in about 1/2-about 1/3.
  2. The amount of the chaff which enters a chaff storage by reducing space will be beyond the former two times.If you had to treat chaff with that once per 5 days temporarily so far.It'll be that you should dispose once per 10 days.
  3. When the interval to throw away becomes long,the transportation expenses or time will be reduced. It has a lot of effect so that it's judged from a long eye, so it can be said the big merit.
  4. After crushed chaff can be better suction and water holding capacity. It use to dispose a lot , but we can reuse that is good for gloval environment and rice farmers.

What is like chaff muller?

Product information
Introduction YS’s product of a secondary processing muller.