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for forest sites and bamboo exclusive muller

A muller and a mobile machine united to a bamboo exclusive muller for forest sites.

The best point is that’s possible to move at forest sites.
Though it’s a big machine by this, it’s very efficient because you can move to the most suitable place by a site and shatter.
(Even about about 18 cm of diameter) can crush a thicker bamboo because it’s a large machine.
A great deal of bamboos can also be crushed in a short period because the processing power is also high.

The, it comes to cost a lot more than CK400 type because it’s large and also has a high engine horsepower on the other hand.
To need a motor lorry beyond a mid-size car, the shipping expenses also become rather high.

Therefore it’s recommended to the case, the NPO group and the enterprise who cooperate by an area and a village and process a bamboo.
When it’s cut down and it’s being put in a muller by several people in order to crush a bamboo.
A bamboo disappears in an instant!

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A muller and mobile machine are united.

It’s the self-propelled system, so it’s possible to be carried to working sites!

It’s possible to put it in in spite of the length of the bamboo.

You can crush easily even long bamboos without suidivision.

It’s possible to adjust crush grain-size by a mesh.

It’s possible to change grain-size by using a mesh!

It’s ok with branches and leaves.
The bamboo crush items with blue
branches and leaves are most suitable
for feed and a warehouse charge.


The formThe lengthMarginThe heightThe weightThe inlet mouth sizeThe processing
※ It’s different in the processing power depending on the content rate of the thrown material, bigness and screen size

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