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YS-CK400 type TK II
Bamboo exclusive breaker

We had YS-CK-400 type TK of a bamboo exclusive muller.
We want customers to crush a bamboo comfortably.
It was reborn as YS-CK-400 type TK II again!

Suprisingly speedy crush in spite of small type.

Former small size type bamboo muller makes the smash speed late to prevent stopping work.
There were a lot of models by which working hours are to its advantage lengthily.
But if working hours take long, you spend more time and work harder.

New YS-CK-400type TKⅡsucceeded in our reducing working hours substantially by our original system!

I think watching is easier to understand than explaining.
Please judge from a next moving image.


As you can see ,it crush bamboo in no time at all.
※ The smash speed is different depending on diameters of a bamboo.

When crush time is shorter, it’s more efficient work .
There are advantages in time,labor and cost.

It’s also possible to break a thick bamboo which is 150 millimeters of biggest diameter!

When you hear about a high-speed smash by the small size,you might think it can crush only small diameter bamboo.
Indeed, only a bamboo of less than 100 mm of biggest diameter could be crushed in the conventional CK-400 type TK.
But after I made a series of research by us, it even became possible to crush a bamboo of less than 150 mm of biggest diameter!
Because you don’t have to cut and divide a thick bamboo small, and bamboo grass can be broken even while sticking.
Workability is high and it is possible to smash a little trouble.


It is recomended to the person who is trouble in disposal of bamboos!

The previous CK-400type TK had been developed based on making small grain size by screen.
But there was a lot of voice of the customer who would like to scatter at bamboo grove to return it naturally after processing a bamboo.
This new YSCK400 type TK II crush bamboo rough ,but it wqs improved processing speed and the possible biggest smash diameter substantially.
It’s the type to use easily for disposal bamboo .
It’s possible to change the grain’s size by using a screen. Though processing speed slows down and ability for smash diameter is inferior.


The formThe lengthThe widthThe heightThe weightThe inlet mouth sizeThe engine horsepower
CK400TKⅡ12201150980200○175㎜11 horsepower
※ The product outward or the specification in catalog are sometimes changed without notice for improvement, so please accept it

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