For many years Y.S engineering (formerly Sugitani ironworks) has been designing , we, manufacturing,and selling sawmill scrap and wood processing machines.
However in recent years many sawmill and woodworking shops make productions in overseas on increasing because of price competition. It is worried that Japanese production’s quality is deteriorating. Times quickly changes and, recently, new models and electronics products will be released in short term.
But our production Rotary polishing machine has sold almost same form for 30 years ,sales volume is not so high though.
Because our customers need ,they say,’Nothing could have done without Rotary polishing machine.’
Y.S engineering keeps tring to make machines which are loved for many years. We tries to be needed by customers.
Our company has continued for 58 years my grandfather ,Yoshinari Sugitani established. I owe the keeping of this besiness to my granfather and my father getting confidence from customers.
I would like to get comments like these. ‘It’s good to have a Y.S’s product.’ ‘We are satisfied with Y.S.’ ‘We are glad to meet the Y.S.’
So I try harder to see your smiles.

About YS Engineering.

Our company started the business in 1952 by a founder Yoshinari Sugitani, and was established as a limited company Sugitani ironworks in 1959. After that our company has kept making machine as a wood.base major. we produced YS rotary automatic grinder in 1970. It became a hot seller nat, on wide.
whenever you hear about a grinder of a wood-base cut knife. You remember “Sugitani”
Eiichi Sugitani became a president in 1980, and changed the company’s name to corporation YS Engineering in 40th anniversary of establishment on January 1, 1993. At presenf, we produce a recycling processing machine as a core product present, or a plan of amullr, a wooden grain producing machine, the YS rotary automatic grinder, a recycling plant designs and ave selling products. Our product s are working to support everybody’s environment society from the root at various places from a wood relation in japan to each recycling trade.


April 1, 1952The business is started by Yoshinari Sugitani, President late head of the family Private management.
April 1, 1959Corporation reorganization A limited company Sugitani ironworks Establishment.
January 30, 1965To move from company Kakubancho, Yonago-shi to Kuzumo.
February 14, 1973Reorganization A corporation Sugitani ironworks.
June 1, 1980A representative was changed from Yoshinari Sugitani to Eiichi Sugitani
January 1, 199340th anniversary of foundation, reception company’s name change
A corporation It’s made YS engineering.

Description of business

Produce, sell and maintain of a muller, a wooden grain producing machine, a YS rotary automatic grinder, a recycling plant and a sawing special machine I

Motto of the company

I do creative development of a product and ingenuity, challenge, build a household with delight, a firm and circle thrs crough development of company’s business and contribute to social progressive development.