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YSCK type muller is the most suitable secondary processing muller of a crush of bark and a wood.

A patent application and registration of design,during application

Our wood-base secondary processing muller is high-performance and is a muller of excellent wood-base in a cost performance ratio. By a breaker and a chipping machine, first, it crush processed wood chip and scrap wood small, makes it into the most suitable sawdust for straw and mushroom mushroom bed.

The marvelous processing power

The processing power of (the ratio of our company) was achieved double more than a conventional muller by the special knife manufactured by a long study.

A screen exchanges it easily.

When a screen would like to be changed change the crush grain-size in a clogged case, it’s possible to open a screen attaching portion by single touch by a cylinder of the mechanical lower part and exchange a screen. Special heavy industry machinery isn’t necessary.

It’s outstanding in the durability.

Because of manufacturing high-quality sawdust, exchanging one touch screen the special knife which was studied for long time,the processing power of (the ratio of our company) was achieved double more than a conventional muller . Placing a knife at the special angle.
makes reducing burden knife and grind is suppressed in a minimum.

We generate. Sawdust (powder)which has no pin chips.

The one pointed lengthily like a pin chip isn’t made for cut-type. Therefore high-quality sawdust most suitable for for mushroom beds of mushroom and straw for foundation.


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