Product information

automatic grinder

The rotary automatic grinder which was loading a motor of a grinder and a tool rest separately and enabled short time’s strong grind.

4-6 knives to 380mm are ground together.

It’s very easy to install of a knife because of flatness. G type 4 can grind 6 4 and G6 types together. ※ It also corresponds to 500 margins.

The long-lived life

It doesn’t vibrate by rotation . It isn’t worn away and it’s practicable for semi-permanent use.

With a timer, automatic cut out

As a grinder wears away by an automatic type, it stops automatically.

Results in more than 30years

It was used for grind of an excelsior knife in a lumber mill and a woodworking plant and a chipping machine knife mainly,
but it’s used to grind a knife of a muller (including other company) present.


The formThe size
The biggest blade
margin (mm)
The special qualityThe weight
YS-G2900×600×6003801.5Automatic stop350
YS-G2-AUTO900×600×6003801.5Automatic stop Grinder automatic feed350
YS-G31000×600×6005002.2Automatic stop Grinder automatic feed400
※ The product outward appearance of the carrying and the specification are sometimes changed without notice, so please accept it.