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To famers in a rice center who has in trouble of chaff disposal in a busy season!
MOMIDER saves the half time of chaff processing.

The difference after the chaff crush processing .How obvious!

When you husk of the same amount, the weight of the chaff which goes out is same.
But if chaff is crushed, the chaff storage space is so different!
Because it’s a small container with a picture, but the ratio of the difference in the capacity is same,so the difference like the picture goes out at an actual chaff storage.
Please imagine,about such a big difference during busy season.

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The formThe lengthMarginThe heightThe weightThe inlet sizeOutletThe equired
power (kW)
YS-CK4001,3508201,780480430×4902505.55 inches
YS-CK8001,8501,5302,0001250430×4903007.56-8 inches

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  • Marvelous low price
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • If by any chance…
  • The crush size is also free.
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