Product information


It is easy to set up YS-CK-400Ⅱ
type small muller at small space.
By a small size of CK type muller, CK-1200 type, because it’s the shape that the size was downed.
Though it’s small, there is high processing power.
The shavings which comes out from a lumber mill, disposable wooden chopsticks and a small sawdust are also crushed.


Marvelous low price

Everything was being put together in Japan using a domestic part, but a low price was achieved because it was a short form.

Maintenance is easy.

Even the person who isn’t experienced in a machine can maintain because it’s the very easy structure.

If by any chance…

Even if it breaks down, most parts can get in all over Japan. It is relief to get easily.

The crush size is also free.

The crush size just also changes a net, so 3mm φ-50mm φ can be even selected freely.




The formThe lengthMarginThe heightThe weightThe inlet sizeThe outletThe required power
YS-CK-400 II1,3506501700300420×39025011kw×4p
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