Product information

type breaker

A scrap wood is thrown automatically!
You can throw a scrap wood automatically, without using conventional quantitative feeder.

It’s possible to grind while installing a cut blade in the body.

It’s possible to do while installing grind of a cut blade in the body. Therefore it’s possible to reduce time of the periodic maintenance.

The comfortable operability is achieved with noise reduction design.

Because noise reduction improvement was achieved it can work quieter and more comfortable than before.

Excellent cost performance

You reduce the cost of quantitive feeder or maintenance time. It makes an excellent cosy performance.


The modelnumber The length
The width
The height
The weight
The main
power (kw)
The processing
power (m3/h)
The inlet
mouth (mm)
※ The size above-mentioned is the standerd size.
※ The product outward appearance of the carrying and the specification are sometimes changed without notice, so please accept it.