It’s most suitable for a sawdust and a planer.

planer waste or end of lumber from lumber mills and wood working plants, it’s crushes them and put into a silo of sawdust, In case of shaving from lumbermill, you can throw the shavings from planner, molder or gangsaw into CK-400 type muller directly and a crushed shavings are put in a silo of sawdust. when planer chippings are crushed, it will be reduced about half amount. So it’s possible to stock it more than double, And moreover it’s possible to put it in a silo of a sawdust together, so you can save room.

In case of a circle stick shaving

It’s being used to crush a shaving of circle stick processing for fuel of a boiler. Bark of a cedar or a hinoki comes in, but it’s cut with a knife, so it isn’t reproached for screw. Of course, It’s also used for litter.

In case of a sawdust crush

A sawdust of the industrial waste which broke roughness are thrown into YS-CK-1200 type muller. It is used crushed sawdust as control material here.

Product information


YSCK type secondary processing muller

YSCK-400/YSCK-1000 / YSCK-1200 / YSCK-1600
It’s most suitable for a sawdust and a planer waste crush!