It’s most suitable for charcoal and a compost.

It’s good, and to make nutritious vegetables.
Rich soil is indispensable to make good and nutrious vegivegitables, isn’t it?

Eco Plant Sada in Izumo city Shimane,they produce the compost which is leavened with mix cow duing and pruning branches.
Compost-ization is the serious work for which it takes time very much.So big material is sorted out by our separator.
It makes easy to become a compost by shattering by YS-CK400 type muller and making it small.

The compost is gentle with the nature which is also called the organic fertilizer.
Our product is wonderful for vegetables which tastes good and gently in the earth♪.
I think when it’s helped for such smiling face.

Crush of disposable wooden chopsticks

It’s most suitable for a crush of disposable wooden chopsticks.

Disposal wooden chopsticks which are made of wood without the preservative and the bleach ,they are gentle with the enviroment .After used in restaurants , you gather them after crush. You made good litter .Some restaurants in Tokyo gather used disposable wooden chopsticks and transport them to a cattle farm in Gifu. They are grinded by YS-CK-400Ⅱ to make a bed of straw for cattle. And a used sawdust will be a compost and be a fertilizer in a field, and relief is the mechanism that safe vegetables reach a home. We’d like to produce the machine which can contribute to such cyclic type society and go from now on.

Product information


YSCK type muller

Compost-ization,it’s most suitable for promotion!
・Amazing processing power.
・Easy screen replacement.
・Excellent durability.
・Promote composting by making large-sized items finer.