It’s most suitable for algae and eelgrass.

The algae are collected from Nakaumi, after dried to be crushed by our YS-CK – 400 II type muller. The blue-green algae and eelgrass which become a problem at lakes or ponds. Mirai mamori network (NPO corporation)took action to try reusing without disposal. The crushed algae are stuffed info 20 liters bags and are sold as a fertilizer for agriculture. Mirai mamori network presented the fertilizer to Miyazaki prefecture through Tottori prefecture. Because Miyazaki has a problem of foot-and-mouth disease in July, 2010. The algae  are propagating abnormally in Nakaumi, Increased bacteria of seaweed bring about poisonous hydorogen sulfide and make the water quality be aggraveted. So Miraimamoritai network thought about good use algae as the fertilizer

The compost is gentle with the nature which is also called the organic fertilizer.
Our product is wonderful for vegetables which tastes good and gently in the earth♪.
I think when it’s helped for such smiling face.

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YSCK – 400 II type small muller

YS-CK-400 II
It’s most suitable for a crush of seaweed!