Product information

Bamboo cutter

t’s most suitable for arrangement in a bamboo grove.
You can use easily as an attachment ahead of the hydraulic excavator.
It’s reduced the workforce, time and cost by using a hydraulic excavator.

The strong support for a bamboo grove felling

It can be loaded on a truck easily when a bamboo is drawn out from a mountain , so working efficiency is raised.

Instead of a saw and a chain saw.

It is used to cut branches at difficult places.

The cost reduction which is at the time of a bamboo grove felling

Manpower is reduced by combination with a hydraulic excavator. It’s most suitable for reduction in time and a cost.


Open width(mm)The mass(kg)The cylinder
pressure (MPa)
The cylinder
pressure (MPa)
Turning systemThe biggest cutoff power (t)
2509024.5Manual bolt fixing
of left and right
(invert elevation)
(portio intermedia)
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