Product information

Turning screen

The turning system shredder chip screening machine.
It has better ability than a vibration system screen.
It makes smaller chips than a rotary screen.

Low-noise design

It’s the turning system screen, so the structure is quiet and also easy maintenance.

It’s possible to choose screen size by a customer

It’s possible to change the punching size by customer’s request.

The astonished price I don’t have by now

The making cost is reduced! It is good price for customers. A motor of main parts and a bearing use a manufacturer in Japan.


The formThe screen
size (mm)
The screen
number of rows
The mesh size
upper row (mm)
Mesh size
lower berth (mm)
width (mm)
YSMK-161600×3300Second row406100
YSMK-202000×4500Second row406100

The size above-mentioned is the gage.

※ The product outward or the specification in catalog are sometimes changed without notice, so please accept it.